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About Our Unflavored Caffeinated Coffees
SERC: Many of our flavored caffeinated coffees are Socially and Environmentally Responsible Coffee (SERC™). SERC coffees are organically-grown, providing adequate shade and shelter to birds, and purchased from the farming cooperatives at fair trade prices (25-45% above regular natural coffee prices).
Banjo Blend unflavored coffee (SERC) - medium roast -

This special JavaPodz Banjo Blend is a unique Italian (medium) roast combining an ideal selection of beans grown in Central and South America, and a strum of Papua New Guinea.  This blend might encourage you to pick up the banjo and start pickin' and strummin' !

Hypersphere Blend unflavored coffee (SERC) - dark roast -

A dark, French Roast subtle combination of beans from coffee farms from a seven countries around the world (Colombia, Peru, Sumatra, Nicuragua, Mexico, Ethiopia, and Guatemala). With the aroma and each sip, imagine being everywhere in the world at the same time (whoa). It's a hyperspheric experience!

Colombia Supremo Classic Viennese Roast unflavored coffee (SERC) - light roast -

Our classic light roast delivering smooth, yet rich, coffee flavor.

Colombia Supremo Espresso Roast unflavored coffee podz (SERC) - darker roast -

Our espresso specialty darkest roast best highlights the temperate climate, rich volcanic soil, and high elevation of carefully selected arabica coffee. 

Colombia Supremo French Roast unflavored coffee (SERC) - dark roast -

This dark roast of Colombian Supremo offers a bold, robust cup of coffee.

Colombia Supremo Italian Roast unflavored coffee (SERC) - medium roast -

Our medium roast bringing out the rich, full-bodied flavor of the classic Colombia Supremo bean.

Donut Shop Blend unflavored coffee (SERC) - medium roast -

The classic American craze of rich flavor with sweet highlights wrapped in an Italian (medium) roast.

Intercontinental Italian Roast unflavored coffee (SERC) - medium roast -

Applying an italian roast to a combination of coffees from Nicaragua, Peru, Indonesia, and Ethiopia to produces a memorably heady and intense cupping experience.  Brian's first concoction is a cosmopolitan representation of the four primary coffee-producing continents.  Our italian roast is darker than viennese but lighter than french.

All JavaPodz coffees are proudly roasted and packaged in the U.S.A.

JavaPodz online since February 2005.

Brewing the perfect cup at a time!